SimpleFi offers tools to improve financial literacy, prepare for the future, and build a strategy to get out of debt or repair credit.

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  • Partner with SimpleFi and get a customized program that fits your goals.
  • Provide your employees with financial wellness benefits that educate and offer affordable options.
  • Reduce employee stress and see the results in their work and productivity.
  • Reduce 401(k) borrowing and administration


  • Have access to emergency loans with 0% APR.
  • Free credit report and analysis on what could be impacting your score, and how it can be improved.
  • Personal coaching to reduce your financial stress.
  • Refinancing options for credit cards and other debt up to $10,000, with 9% APR.
  • Reduce 401(k) borrowing and administration

Employees' financial stress affects your business.


Medical Bills and
Insurance Costs

When employees are financially stressed, they opt out of low premium/high deductible plans that save your company money.


Borrowing from
Retirement Savings

Administrative costs for processing eat away at corporate resources, and employees shortchange their future.


Banking Hours Conflict
With Work Hours

Banking hours are working hours and employees can’t do both at the same time. Financial problems are first in line to affect career and family.

Approximately 78% of Americans are living paycheck-to-paycheck without a plan for the unexpected.

This burden can be stifling, and it can lead to decreased productivity as employees  resort to predatory lenders for unsecured loans. Employees can find themselves in debt spiral. Skimping on “a latte a week” for life isn’t enough to relieve that pressure!

Learn in just 90 seconds how SimpleFi benefits employees and employers.

Alleviating financial stress in three steps:

Adding SimpleFi to your benefits package is easy and gives your employees access to resources that improve financial success.

Step 1

We partner with you to develop a customized financial wellness program that aligns with your company’s goals and your employees’ needs.

Step 2

You’re delivered funding options that are available to all employees to fund emergency needs. Our education options include seminars, savings tools and access to financial guides that work one-on-one with employees.

Step 3

Employees access their dashboard from, and get immediate access to funding options to cover emergencies, health care, deductibles and high interest debt elimination.

You can help your employees gain financial freedom and feel in control of their lives.

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